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The Greenway Method

The Greenway is a better way.
For the course. For our golfers. For Alameda.

The Chuck Corica Golf Complex is the first public course in the Bay Area practicing the Greenway Method for superior turf conditions.

Known for providing the best turf conditions while following the highest environmental standards, Greenway Golf is in its first phase of improvements at Chuck Corica. Each month our golfers will notice ongoing improvements in turf quality as well major facility renovations in the works. For our guests, The Greenway Method means better course conditions and more enjoyable rounds.



CLICK HERE to read about renovations Greenway Golf has planned for the Chuck Corica Golf Complex. 

The Greenway Movement —
Challenging the Golf Course Maintenance Status Quo.

“The most consistent compliment we got all weekend was, the greens are great.”
- Steve Taddei, 2013 Alameda Commuters Golf Tournament

Greenway has found that as resources such as water become rationed and the public’s intolerance to chemical and environmental pollution increases, the golf industry needs to rethink course maintenance strategy before local and state regulations insist that changes be made.

Greenway’s natural agronomy program is not dependent on just one single Superintendent; instead there’s a plan in place with proven systems and support to maintain our exacting standards on the tees, fairways and greens.

Greenway Golf has been questioning and changing the status quo since 2001, achieving success where it counts. On the golf course.

Greenway takes great pride in turf conditions of the golf courses it operates. Because of the Greenway Program and the approved renovations, the Chuck Corica courses will be the envy of the market.

Greenway’s principals significantly reduce expenses and lessen the impact on a golf course’s local environment while greatly improving play conditions.

That’s the Greenway Golf difference!

Get the complete Greenway story at www.greenwaygolf.com.

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